Murder in Broad Daylight – 2

Ahana: So how exactly did this happen Anshuman? On the one hand, I can’t believe this is finally over. On the other hand…

Anshuman: What are you asking me for Ahana? You’re the one who finally… nailed the guy!

Ahana: Nailed? No no, it wasn’t me. I walked in on you gloating on your success, dancing that ridiculous victory dance. Makes me wonder… do I even know you any more? I mean sure the guy was a pain but did you have to be so macabre about it? It looks like a scene from a war movie in here!

Anshuman: It was this way when I walked in Ahana. Don’t pretend and don’t you dare try to pin this on me. Your violent streak makes mine look like a walk in the park. Didn’t I see you yesterday with a gas lighter? Were you planning to set him on fire!!??

Ahana: You’re joking right? Have you even seen my gas lighter? There’s neither gas nor light!

Anshuman: It was you Ahana…

Ahana: No it was you Anshuman!

Anshuman: No… it was you!

Ahana: No! It was sooooo you!

The heated discussion ended with Ahana in tears and bawling. Anshuman was wondering how to calm her down when….

Mother walked into the room. Ahana knew she had an audience and redoubled her efforts. She pointed at Anshuman and began to cry uncontrollably, trying to avoid looking at the point of contention on the floor between them…

Mother surveyed the room and the two of them. She sighed and picked Ahana up and made soothing sounds until she calmed down. Then she proceeded to take in the messy room. The “office set” and the “kitchen set” was strewn all over the place. Clearly the twins had had an adventurous few minutes by the time she had finished cleaning up their room!

As Mother put Ahana down on the play mat, she saw it.

And promptly took out a trusty tissue from her pocket.

And proceeded to pick up the dead fly and throw it in the trash.

Mother walked away, taking the murder victim with her. Meanwhile, unheard to all, little Ahana and Anshuman resumed their conversation:

Anshuman: You women start using tears really early on don’t you?

Ahana: You better believe it bro!


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