Straight From My Art – Decorative Planter Base

A few weeks back we bought some additions to our sound system. The packing came with two perfectly round pieces of cardboard. Just the weekend before, we had purchased some more house plants to add a touch of greenery to our home as well as reap the benefits of improved air quality that comes as a generous and positive side effect with these wonderful plants.

One of these plants were a set of long bamboo shoots. I found some earthen jugs that we’ve had for years, a gift from a dear friend which were until now being used only as decor. They are delicate and I was looking for something like a base to keep them on so they don’t directly come into contact with the floor. The round cardboard pieces seemed perfect for this. I glued both pieces together to get one padded piece of cardboard.

I then used my acrylic paint bottles and painted the entire cardboard surface a bright magenta colour. The round shape of the cardboard lent to a mandala style design and I also wanted something that looked like vines with leaves to match with the purpose of the base being around a plant. This is what I came up with.

Here’s how my bamboo plants look now. I love the additional pop of colour from this decorative base. I kept the inner design of the mandala simple so this took me less than an hour to fully paint the magenta colour as well as draw the design on top of the magenta (I had to wait though for the magenta paint to dry up)

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  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Beautiful Moni👌👌 so creative …

    1. Thank you Lakshmi!

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