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Straight From My Art – Heart Dreamcatcher

As I mentioned in my last post, I got a unique opportunity to send my artwork to my sister. She was going to meet up with my niece as well so I further used the chance to send my neice something that commemorated her recent engagement to the love of her life. My niece has a bubbly, vivacious and full of life personality so I really wanted to find something that embodied this in the form of art.

Originating in Native American traditions and culture, dreamcatchers are hung in childrens’ rooms to ward off nightmares and bring sweet dreams. The typical shape is round and they are made with organic materials found in nature.

I found this lovely creative interpretation of a dreamcatcher on Pinterest which added zentangle patterns and bright, vibrant colours. Moreover it was heart-shaped and matched perfectly for me with my niece.

I suggested it to her and she loved it too.

I began with a pencil sketch of the artwork:

Followed by outlining the drawing with a microtip pen:

Finally I used regular colour pencils to colour in the different components of the drawing and here is the final result:

Felt really grateful for this opportunity to send a very personal and handmade gift to my niece.

Until next time!

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