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Straight From My Art – Playful Ganpati

My sister’s favourite God is the gentle elephant-headed God who we invoke before we embark upon anything auspicious or important, be it an exam, a new job, a new house, or a wedding in the family. Just about anything really. He is the go-to God who clears obstacles in your path and is by your side always.

During our art workshops over the last few months, my sister had asked us all a few times to draw different zentangle Ganpatis and send to her so that she could frame them and put them up on a wall in her house. It would be that much more special as her sisters would be the artists.

So when an opportunity came my way to send her the drawing itself, I decided not to pass it up. We went through a few drawings and she selected this playful Ganpati who is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you pass Him by.

I started by sketching Lord Ganpati using a pencil. For me, the most crucial part of this particular artwork was getting His expression right (the original artist had really nailed it and I wanted to ensure I reproduced that part of the sketch well). Thankfully after a couple of attempts I got the right curvature and shape and was happy with the outcome.

I then proceeded to use a microtip pen and outline the drawing. I used a thicker pen for the outline and later to fill up the intricate zentangle I used a thinner one.

Here’s the final outcome!

I used my own creativity for the zentangle patterns and also departed from the original a bit in using very little gray colour pencil shading. Overall, was very happy with the outcome. More importantly, my sister loved it!

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