Me And SiyaWoman

I also write for an amazing site called SiyaWoman, which hosts a collection of quality content written by the woman, for the woman.

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I also have a published author page that features my book – The One That Got Away

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Here’s also a list of stories I have written so far for SiyaWoman:

03-Dec-2017 – Creating a Spectacle

07-Nov-2017 – Unforgettable People – The Storm Behind the Cal

25-May-2017 – I Washed Your Bum!

07-Mar-2016 – A Crisis is Cooking

13-Jan-2017 – Cross Connections Series: Gaps and Bridges

30-Dec-2016 -2016 – A year that was – Live and Learn

20-Nov-2016 – The Freudian Slipper

30-Sep-2016 – Unforgettable People – Iron Mami

26-Aug-2016 – Unforgettable People: A Plus B the Whole Squared

04-Aug-2016 – Unforgettable People: The Smile 

08-Jul-2016 – Cross Connections: Crushed by Candy! 

27-May-2016 – Cross Connections: In Love 

23-May-2016 – The Movie that Wasn’t

20-May-2016 – Our Strength or Weakness?

11-May-2016 – Blood Diamond 

11-May-2016 – Little Ones, Big Tales

25-Mar-2016 – A Father Son Relationship

25-Mar-2016 – The Dreamcupboard

24-Mar-2016 – The Art of Shopping for Produce

29-Jan-2016 – Keeping in Touch