Me, The Indian Trumpet And Pickles!

When my dear friend and a writer in her own right Sangeetha Bhaskaran told me about the Pickle edition of an online magazine called “The Indian Trumpet”, I was immediately drawn to the theme of the month. Pickles are an essential element of Indian cuisine and instantly evoke feelings of nostalgia, pique the taste buds and revive all the senses with the tantalising tastes and varieties at our disposal.

My thoughts went to my mother and how she put her heart and soul into the making of the Aavakkai pickle, a fond memory of my childhood. From this stray thought was born:

When Amma Made Aavakkaai Ooruga…

The next train of thoughts led me to my most favourite person on earth, my late grandmother. I fondly recalled her annual travels back to our native village, and how she brought back the tangy, briny Narthangai pickle in a signature green bucket, to the utter frustration of my father! And my next story took shape in the form of:

My Grandmum and Her Green Bucket

The memories of my childhood took yet another turn when I recalled how the entire apartment complex came alive during the summers with all the women coming together as one to churn out amazing pickled creations of staggering varieties and proportions. From these vivid memories that became a kaleidoscope of colourful pickles that filled my consciousness, the final piece was born:

Summer, Salt and Leaps of Faith

So click on the links to read on as I share some beautiful and poignant memories of a time long gone by, but never forgotten!

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