Me, The Indian Trumpet and The Maid Special!

The Winter Edition of The Indian Trumpet is themed around the quintessential Indian Maid. The dynamics, politics and relationships a maid creates within the household is bound to inspire many a writer, as it did me! Click on the below links to catch my pieces that were published as part of this edition. There’s tons more to read from other writers too!

I began my writing journey by thinking about the evolution of the “bai” through the ages and how irrespective of time, they’ve been the secret weapon women have wielded over the decades to ensure a good balance of priorities in life.

A Woman’s Ultimate Secret Weapon – The Bais of the World!

I then recalled the days of my childhood where one “bai” wouldn’t do the work of another “bai”. I sought to explore this phenomenon in my next article.

It’s Not My Job!

The final piece I wrote for this edition revolved around how the “bai” inevitably over the years came to a point where they felt qualified to judge, comment, offer advice, question… often with hilarious results!

Aap Hi Bolo, Hai Ki Nahin?

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