The Opportunity of a Lifetime – Part 4

Joey felt that the door of The Crack Room literally opened with a loud crack sound that shook him up.

The first thing he noticed was that the room was white. Pristine pure white. The work tables, the furniture, the lights. All the whitest white. With his efforts in the Red Room splattered all over the front of his work overalls and still feeling smelly from the Hall of Tears, Joey almost felt unclean, like he didn’t belong.

The room was deceptively white. So white that it took Joey a few minutes to realize the objects of his next challenge were also white.

Linda almost smiled as she saw the various expressions on his face.

“So Joey here it is. The last frontier. Crack this one and you’re home free! Here let me demonstrate. You need to do the same task 100 times in the next 15 minutes.”Linda picked up one of the white slippery things in her hand. Her next action gave out the sound of a resounding crack. A sticky gooey liquid plopped out into the waiting receptacle. A golden eye stared back at Joey who was horrified that he had to replicate Linda’s expertise quite literally a hundred times over. “Right. As soon as I walk out that door your time starts. Keep one thing in mind Joey. There is a reason this room is white and super clean. Your output has to be a 100% clean too. If I see any… adulteration then that’s the end of the road for you. Ok then. Ready?”Joey was too exasperated by now. He just nodded his readiness. Linda walked out and the timer began instantly. Each crack in this super quiet, super white room felt like a gunshot to Joey. With a hundred to get done, he had to work with a precision that he didn’t know existed within him. Soon he developed a system to ensure the receptacle contained nothing but pure unadulterated…. goo!!Joey avoided looking straight into the receptacle. He felt like dozens of eyes were staring up at him accusingly. He mentally shook himself and found his happy place. Fifteen minutes sped by and once more Linda was in the room. Joey found his knees giving away and had to sit down while Linda used a long poker and closely examined the sticky viscous liquid which shifted and heaved as she expertly checked for any impurities. “Well Joey. I gotta hand it to you. You’ve passed every single level with flying colours. It’s my turn to tell and not to ask. You are ready!”Joey beamed with pride. He thought of his parents, his siblings, his friends. How proud they would be of him right now! He felt like he was getting an Oscar for a great performance in a lead role and this was his big speech moment. And Joey could not help but grin from ear to ear when Linda asked, “You know what exactly it is you are ready for right?””Yes Linda. I’ll take the tomatoes from The Red Room, the onions from The Hall of Tears, the eggs from The Crack Room and get set up at the breakfast buffet live omelette station!!”

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