The Other Woman


Abha stood up and faced him, eyes blazing. They had been talking for hours now on this… situation they found themselves in. They weren’t getting anywhere and it seemed like they were stuck in a mire, neither could move or stand in the same place without getting pulled in deeper and deeper into the muck.

“Jeet, I’m done discussing this to death. There is nothing to discuss. Choose her, or me.”

“Abha, how do you expect me to make this choice? Do you know what you are saying?”

“Yes, I do. She is your past, I am your future. Whatever attachments you had in the past, leave it in the past. I will not judge you on that. You both have known each other for a long time. I understand that. But enough, is enough Jeet! I cannot continue this relationship with her shadow over us all the time. I don’t see any other way out. It has to be her, or me.”


Abha and Jeet stood radiant and happy. Abhijeet, their only son was getting married today. Prerna, their daughter-in-law to be stood next to him, a beautiful and intelligent woman who Abha and Jeet themselves had handpicked for their beloved son. The family was complete and Abha felt on top of the world.


Abha woke up to a cold dread forming in her heart. Something wasn’t quite right. She turned to look at Jeet and found him looking unnaturally calm, even in sleep. She knew it before she touched him. Her beloved Jeet had left her forever…


Abha stood unseen as Abhijeet and Prerna argued for what seemed like an entire day. All of a sudden, there was complete silence followed by a single sentence uttered by Prerna – “Choose her, or me.”

Abha felt the fight leaving her only son while he struggled to explain to Prerna why he couldn’t give up the other woman in his life. She retreated back to her room, fearing the worst for their married life and hoped they made it through this.

A few weeks later, Abhijeet walked into her room, looking so much like Jeet that her heart broke all over again.

“Mother… I need your advice on something.”

“Sit down beta, talk to me.”

“Mother, as you know both me and Prerna are working and we have very hectic lives. I want to make sure you are taken care of well, so I’ve booked you into a retirement community in a beautiful hill station a few hours from here. You will be very comfortable, every need will be taken care of. I’ve made enquiries and they’re the best in the business. I think this is the best way forward, what do you think?”

Abha looked at her son and smiled at his feeble attempt at sugar-coating the situation. She stood up and quietly began to pack. Somewhere in her heart she knew this day was in her future. It didn’t make it any easier to face. But face it she would.

For hadn’t she created this moment in time thirty-six years ago, when she asked Jeet to choose between her and his mother?

Illustrated By: Dr Anisha Kumar (Visit

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