Hell on Earth – What If…? – Part 2

Author’s Note: It has taken me nearly a month to gather my thoughts around this story. I discussed the possible end to this remarkable alternate with many ladies. No punishment we devised seemed nearly suitable enough for the crime they were about to commit before the girls disarmed them. After a lot of thinking, I think I am satisfied with the route my thoughts have finally decided to take with respect to this story. I welcome your comments and feedback!

Catch Part 1 here before you read on!

In a few minutes, Latha was tied to a tree, suitably dishevelled, her clothes slightly torn in a few places, her hair and face arranged in an untidy mess. She was the perfect picture of someone who had been overwhelmed by the man who intended to rape her.

As the other girls hid at strategic points, Latha began to wail helplessly. “Leave me alone, please I beg you! Don’t you have a little sister like me? Think about her at least and let me go! Please,  I am getting married next month. What will happen to my future, please let me go…!”

A man peeked out of the dense foliage. The men were also being smart not to arrive altogether. He was surprised to see Latha tied up and all alone. He surmised his partner-in-crime had gone looking for a gag to shut this girl up. His eyes glanced at Latha and took in her torn clothes. So his friend had almost started without them! He licked his lips and advanced, eager to finish the job his friend had started… he put his hand over Latha’s mouth and roughly clutched her hair at the base of her neck and whispered menacingly… “If you so much as….”

The rest of what he wanted to say was lost in the clang of an iron pan. The man had been so intent on Latha that he did not hear Akila stealthily come out of her hiding place. She got him square in the head with her heavy iron pan. She glanced at the pan in her hand, amused. And her mother thought this made for good rotis. If only she knew…!

Jyotsna and Kamini quickly got to work and tied the second man right next to the first.

“Ambika, pepper powder will be needed a while later. You stand guard over these losers. We will fish out the rest of the gang quickly.”

The same manouver was repeated thrice more until five men were disarmed, gagged and bound securely.

Jyotsna and Kamini then quietly went deeper into the trees and confirmed no more men were lying in wait.

They all assembled next to the five men. They were all out of their stupor now and their eyes looked terrified. Ambika had told them in no uncertain terms that if they so much as attempted to make a sound or move, she would use pepper powder on them. And not on their eyes.

The girls were all masked to ensure none of these losers could identify them or follow them back to their homes to finish the job.

Jyotsna broke the silence.

“Kamini, when did your friend say he would come?”

“I expect him in another five minutes”

“Ok, we’ve hung around long enough. Let’s gather everything and be ready to hide once we see your friend approaching.”

Jyotsna then took a paper and pen and wrote a note which she left propped on a branch at eye level, which Kamini’s friend was sure not to miss.

Soon enough, they heard Kamini’s friend calling out to her. They didn’t need to be told twice. All five of them went deeper into the trees and hid themselves, with a full view of what was coming next.

Kamini’s friend Abhishek approached the men. Almost instantly he saw the note left behind by Jyotsna.

To the crew of Democratic TV. Here are the rapists who have been terrorising our town for the last few months. They were out hunting for their next prey. We want you to telecast them in the condition they are, and show the country what women can do when men become animals. And if your boss can come and ask them some more questions, ending with “The nation wants to know!” that would be great. The police should be arriving in the next few minutes. Thank you for your help!

Abhishek stood stunned, awed by what these women had achieved. Proud to be a friend to one of them. He quickly called a number and said in no uncertain terms, “Sir, I am going to have to cut into your program for a newsflash. And you need to get here right now. The nation is going to want to know about this!”


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