Memoirs of a Year Gone By

It was a year of self-discovery
Of acknowledging my limitations
Of achievements and failures
Of gains and losses

It was a year of awakening
Of exploring my limits
Of stretching myself
Of knowing what I was capable of

It was a year of constant flux
Of too many things changing
Of overcoming a steep learning curve
Of learning humility

It was a year of balancing acts
Of figuring out what’s really important
Of valuing those in my life
Of gratitude and forgiveness

It was a year of rude shocks
Of make and breaks
Of fragile relationships
Of seeing things for what they are

It was a year of growing older
Of feeling younger
Of keeping the child inside me alive
Of feeling the joy of a long lasting companionship

It was a year I would rather have spent writing everyday
Instead found myself struggling
Wringing my insides for an imaginative story
Wishing magic would flow through me everyday

It was a year of realising that writing was a gift
It took effort, time and patience
It took focus, grit and creativity
It took grabbing every wisp of inspiration and holding on to it for dear life

As another year begins, I continue to look forward to write
About things that move, touch and inspire me
About characters that are waiting to come alive
About life, as it happens around me


3 comments on “Memoirs of a Year Gone By”
  1. Biju Mathews says:

    2018 was a year of ” Of “…keep writing…there r so many things around u that u could write about…

  2. achu36 says:

    Beautiful poem. I can relate.

    1. Thank you 🙂

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