Front Row Seats

He walked into the theatre with the air of someone who had just bagged a treasure, a very expensive treasure. She walked demurely by his side. They settled into the front row. Romeo and Juliet was about to begin. She was full of anticipation for the night. What could be more romantic than the evergreen saga of love and sacrifice?

The first act began. Romeo and Juliet were introduced as two separate individuals, showcasing their lives, their friends. Romeo’s romantic nature and Juliet’s capricious nature was acted out flawlessly by the ballet performers.

She was mesmerized and amazed by his taste and choice of entertainment for the evening. She turned to look at him, to express how grateful she was that they were here.

His eyes held a different look than she expected. Slowly but surely, his hands and lips expressed the hunger in his eyes. His hands ran all over her body, but even a spectator to this side show could see the plain lust behind the touch.

There was no love here.

While she struggled with her emotions and sat still as a mannequin, a very well-dressed and beautiful mannequin, he got bolder. He nibbled her ear, his hand turned her face towards him so he could kiss her. Not one move was initiated by her. Not for one minute would anyone seeing them think they were in love and couldn’t help themselves.

He simply treated her like any other possession and didn’t care if she was comfortable getting this intimate in public.

The first act came to an end and the lights came on. She giggled like an innocent child and took his face in her hands and whispered, “The ballet is so beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here.”

His eyes held a look that said “I want you now”. Her giggles faded. His hands were roaming freely now, without a care for the world. Without a care even for her. The ice queen returned. She sat still again and one could only guess what was going on in her head.

Suddenly he grabbed her arm and she got up with him. They walked off rapidly and never returned.

The audience around them felt a relief from exactly what they didn’t know. But they were all agreed on two things without even a discussion. He did not deserve to watch Romeo and Juliet. And she deserved better.

Meanwhile another couple who had seats way in the back row saw the front row couple leave the theatre. They waited a whole act for them to come back and when they didn’t, decided to occupy the front row seats themselves.

This man couldn’t keep his hands off his woman either. After two acts of Romeo and Juliet, every moment of their time together reflected in his loving eyes. She reciprocated with the same measure of love, two inseparable lovers who were clearly destined for each other.

They held hands and whispered to each other. This wasn’t a one way conversation, neither was anyone forcing themselves upon the other. They hugged each other in glee, excited to watch the rest of the performance from the front row. An unexpected bonus.

The audience around them smiled. The front row seats had found their Romeo and Juliet.

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