An Ode to Twenty Years

You came into my life

Like an unexpected turn on a long road

You gave me happiness

More than my heart can hold

The years have flown by

And it’s twenty years

Since we first met

So much laughter, some tears

You are my rock

You always lend me strength

To make me smile when I’m down

You will go to any length

I feel warm and safe in your arms

And I forget every other thing

Me and you, that’s all I need

And all the fun and joy you bring

We drive each other nuts

We fight like cat and dog

But when all is said and done

A kiss and a hug clears the fog

We make each laugh for the silliest things

That no one else will get

An unlikely duo but together we work

On that I’m willing to bet!

We find happiness in the simplest of joys

We live our life a day at a time

We’ve been to hell and back together

And made lemonade from several pieces of lime

You are the politician

I am the disciplinarian

You are a diplomat to your fingertips

While I am loud as a klaxon

We make a great team

You and I facing every hurdle

We read each others thoughts through our eyes

There is no need for anything verbal

You are the music to my song

The words to my story

The lyrics to my song

The aloo to my puri

I’m grateful for every single day

I spend in this world as your wife

And I will always love you

Beyond and after this life


2 comments on “An Ode to Twenty Years”
  1. Happy Anniversary and God bless to both of you Love you loads

    1. Thank you Sonia. Love you too. 😘

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