A Decade Since My Rebirth

It’s been ten years today since I was given a new lease on life. Recently I wrote about how my sister very literally saved my life by donating her kidney. Life has never been the same since that life-altering experience.

Ten years have just flown by.

Ten years since my husband found out before me that my kidneys had failed and still had the strength to smile when I came back to the doctor’s room.

Ten years since that day when me and my sister were giggling in the operating theatre about air conditioned gowns.

Ten years since I began to learn a new normal.

Ten years since caution became a way of life.

Ten years since training myself to take my medications on time every time.

Ten years since I began to take great care not to eat out too often and to take great care with raw foods.

Ten years since family, friends and well wishers continue to shower me with positive energy and support.

Ten years since doctors, nurses, technicians are so mindful and careful when I have a health issue.

Ten years since I was determined to make every day of my life count.

Ten years since I wish my sisters a happy kidneyversary on the 27th of every month, a reminder for me to never forget what my sister did for me and how all my sisters lent their support to both of us as we recovered.

Ten years since we began to give back to society in a small way towards kidney research and supporting dialysis and transplant for lesser privileged individuals.

Ten years since my husband lends his support to me every single day and encourages me to reach my goals.

Ten years since gratitude is the overwhelming driving force of my life, over anything else.

Ten years since a new beginning. Here’s to ten more!


8 comments on “A Decade Since My Rebirth”
  1. Lakshmi says:

    Wonderfully expressed…You have showed grit and determination through all these years..May you reach many more heights of success…

    1. Nothing would have been possible without you. 😘😘

  2. Happy ReBirthday Moni! An amazing story of love, courage, faith and strength Here’s to your continued good health and a lifetime of happiness Love you loads And hugs to Lakshmi too

    1. Thank you Sonia. Muaah!

  3. Beautiful..happy 10 years:-)

    1. Thank you 😘

  4. Loads and loads of happiness to you and Anand!! Also to your sisters 💗💗

    1. Thanks Sangeetha 😘

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