On Appa’s Birth Anniversary

Happy Birthday Appa
If you were with us today
You would have turned a ripe old 83
And we would have heard you exclaim
“I’m 83 years young!”
When we called to wish you

Happy Birthday Appa
We’ve missed you these last eleven years
But somehow, when we really need you
You’re right by our side
Your laughter echoes in our ears even today
As do your angry outbursts

Happy Birthday Appa
We never wished you when we were younger
Never thought of celebrating your birthday
But you never forgot to sing the entire happy birthday song
No matter how old we were

It was the one thing we always looked forward to

Happy Birthday Appa
Thank you for everything
For the values you passed on
For pushing us to do our best always
For never giving up on us
Even as we gave up on ourselves

Happy Birthday Appa
We will always carry you in our hearts
Every single day we remember you
The good, the bad and the downright funny

Every single memory vivid in our minds as if it was just yesterday
We love you Appa, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday


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  1. Happy Birthday dear Uncle Truly a noble soul May he rest in peace Big hug for you Moni

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