Straight from My Art – The Goddess

Navratri has drawn to a close after nine days of honouring the Goddess in all her awe-impairing forms.

Dussera, or the tenth day after Navratri which marks the symbolic eternal triumph of good over evil brings with it many different traditions observed across India.

For some, it is the first step to learning something new, whether it is admission into the arts or tracing an auspicious mantra on rice with the child’s fingers to mark the beginning of their education.

Another tradition observed on this day is the worship of the tools of one’s trade or instruments of art – to offer respect for the significance of these tools in our life and to seek blessings for these tools to continue to bring prosperity and positivity into our lives.

While my journey of self-learning and delving into the world of zentangles began last year , I wanted to commemorate the continuous journey of learning I have undertaken with my myriad works in drawing with a new category of posts on mykidneybeans – Straight From My Art.

I would also like to thank my dear friend Sonali for her suggestion of the name for this new section which was amazingly creative and said all I wanted to in four powerful words.

I don’t have a pattern to my drawings yet. It is an organised chaos at this time and I draw whatever the universe moves me to draw.

I would like to start what I hope will be a weekly series of my drawings which are not drawn for my stories on the blog but just for the pure pleasure of drawing something beautiful with a zentangle of the Goddess that I drew when Navratri began this year.

I was inspired by a few posts I saw on Pinterest and used those to shape the Goddess’s face. From there I went into my own imagination and made the jewellery She is wearing much more intricate as I wanted to adorn the goddess in as much detail as I could.

Here She is, in all her glory. Keep watching this space! I hope to share similar works with all of you on a weekly basis and would love your feedback!


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