Straight From my Art – Madhubani Birds

The first Madhubani I attempted was a simple one with birds sitting on different branches of a tree. I finished it off with a border design which is typical of the Madhubani style.

I must say next to mandalas, Madhubani paintings have been the next type of art form that moves and inspires me to try and reproduce that emotion on paper.

When I was done with this particular one, quite a few women commented that the colour combination was so bright yet elegant that it could be a perfect design for a saree.

I went with the brightest colours in my acrylic colour set as I wanted the birds and the flowers to simply pop on the paper! Happy to say I was very pleased with the final result!

My wish is to someday draw a tree of life (kalpavruksha) in Madhubani style. Bright, bold, vibrant. But for now, hope you enjoy this next installment of “Straight from my Art”

Until next week!

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