Straight From my Art – Dot Painting Experiments

Last week I finally found time to take out my dot painting kit which I picked up online during the lockdown period. While looking online for inspiration on mandala ideas, I found several done using dot painting tools and wanted to try some for myself. I also had some plain coasters made to decorate with dot painting.

But I figured eventually I had approached this all wrong – one needs to learn to walk before one can run as they say!

So I started with baby steps. Went through a couple of dot painting tutorials online (there’s a wealth of resources online and wonderful people willing to share their knowledge).

I then tried a couple of dot painting ideas on plain paper. Sharing those humble and somewhat skewed attempts with you today!

Attempt 1 definitely landed up having a gap between the two dots on the bottom right. But attempt 2 was much better. I hope to practice some more on paper and share the decorated coasters with all of you soon someday!

Attempt 1
Attempt 2


9 comments on “Straight From my Art – Dot Painting Experiments”
  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Good attempt 👌👌

    1. Thank you Lakshmi 😘

  2. Nice attempt Moni Am sure you’ll only get better

  3. Sunith says:

    Looks great

    1. Thank you 😊

  4. Not sure if I knew about dot painting before now, but wow 😍. I think I am becoming a big fan of seeing and admiring dot paintings now. If it doesn’t get much attention in general (dot paintings) then they should really be shown more love. 🌹

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I agree, it’s a very fascinating art form!

      1. You’re most welcome 🙂

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