Straight From My Art – Freehand Mandala on Black Paper

Bringing you one more attempt on black paper this week. What’s special about this one is that I did not use any geometric instruments to create the circular pattern since it was on black paper and I yet again forgot about the white pencil in my colour pencil set!

I continue to be fascinated with how colours pop up differently on a black background versus a white.

An unexpected and interesting outcome of me bombarding everyone with my fumbling attempts at art and zentangling is that my sisters want to do a workshop with me and draw a basic mandala. I’m really looking forward to our next weeks call where we will be across different countries and different time zones, attempting to draw the same mandala. This is going to be super fun!


One comment on “Straight From My Art – Freehand Mandala on Black Paper”
  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Superb,The black background is lively.The colours look very bright and beautiful 😍

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