Straight From My Art – Workshop 2 – Lotus Mandala

Our second family zentangle workshop included all four of my sisters, two neices and a cousin sister. It was an absolutely amazing workshop spread over two of our weekly calls.

The first week we drew the basic shape. Some of us coloured the lotus in addition to outlining our pencil work. Just sharing a sample of the work at the end of the first week.

Outlined Lotus Mandala
Coloured Lotus Mandala

The second week, we began to zentangle the lotus with intricate patterns. Yet again I encouraged everyone to bring their own creativity into the process and the results yet again were stunning.

Similar and unique at the same time, here are the lotuses we came up with.

My eldest sister Bala drew this one
My cousin Goma landed up drawing several more petals and leaves and came up with this beautiful version
My second sister Lakshmi went in another direction and created a multi coloured lotus with microtip pens
My sister Raji came up with this version
My neice Divya drew this one
My neice Anisha went in a completely different direction and filled her lotus mandala with a different combination of colours
Finally here’s mine.

In our next workshop we drew a butterfly zentangle. Watch this space for more on that soon!


4 comments on “Straight From My Art – Workshop 2 – Lotus Mandala”
  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Enjoyed the workshop thoroughly.As all of us try to do the best by bringing in our own creativity.

    1. Absolutely. Love every moment of the time spent!

  2. This is lovely Moni And a great way to bond together too Looking forward to the workshop for friends 😊

    1. Thanks Sonia 🤗😘

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