Straight From My Art – Workshop 3 – Butterfly Zentangle

It’s nearly three months since I have posted anything here. The last one and a half months have been about coping with a few changes in our day-to-day life that happened all at once and came with its own adjustment and settling period.

After our mandala and lotus zentangle workshops, we attempted to do a butterfly zentangle next. This was completed way back in early April but it took a couple of weeks for us to complete. I also saw how my students aka siblings had grown over the last two workshops. The best part of these was when my sister Lakshmi rediscovered her love for art and even joined an art class.

Today, she draws far better zentangles than I ever will! This is one development from our art workshops that always brings a big smile to my face. Every week, Lakshmi shares all the new things she has learnt and attempted, and I hope one day soon she starts her own blog and showcases her talent for all the world to see!

Back to the butterfly zentangle, the inspiration for this zentangle came from this post on Pinterest.

On the first day, we drew the basic butterfly shape.

Day 1 – Basic Butterfly Shape

The following week, we drew the patterns that would go into each of the sections of the wings. I could see how far we had come when my sisters suggested to just fill a little in each feather and they would catch up to the pattern during the week.

Here’s how the work looked at the end of that second week,

It was, as is with every drawing we attempt, utterly fascinating for me to see how each of us brought our own inspiration and style into the final product.

This was my cousin Goma’s zentangle:

My sister Bala came up with this one:

My sister Lakshmi came up with this version:

And finally, here’s mine:

The next one we attempted was an intricate peacock zentangle at the request of my sister Bala. More on that soon!

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