Straight From My Art – Workshop 5 – Delft Square Zentangle

With my sisters getting more and more comfortable with zentangling and art, I knew I had to up the ante and find something that would be challenging as well as different from the kind of patterns we’d been working on up until that point.

Pinterest came to the rescue yet again with this absolutely fascinating Delft Square Zentangle

I loved the 3-D effect of this zentangle plus the beautiful way in which the pieces came together. The various hues of blue sealed the deal for me, and when I suggested we attempt this for our next workshop, everyone expressed their enthusiasm and eagerness to take on this new challenge.

We started on this one around 1st week of May and finished closer to the third week. Absolutely loved attempting this one personally.

We drew the basic pattern of the shapes that interlink to each other on the first day of the workshop. My neice Divya and my sister Lakshmi also gave very useful inputs on how to achieve the 3-D effect as well.

We then caught up to outlining the pencil sketch and adding a bit of grey shading to further enhance the 3-D effect:

The following week, we drew patterns into each interlinked section of the artwork:

In an absolute reflection of our growth, we each worked on the rest of it on our own and here are the amazing results!

Here’s Bala’s version:

Her shapes came out slightly different than the original and reflected a different kind of shape and beauty. I also loved that she decided to depart from the original and use a myriad of colours which resulted in yet another unique interpretation.

Here’s Lakshmi’s version:

Both Lakshmi and me went with the original theme of using shades of blue. Only our choice of blue shades as well as patterns differed. Lakshmi made every single piece of the pattern unique, whereas I repeated the patterns.

Here’s my version:

Our workshops took a back seat after this one because I had to readjust to going back physically to work, coupled with a residence move. We resumed in July with yet another departure from zentangles. We are currently working on a Madhubani elephant. Keep watching this space for more!


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