On World Coconut Day

One of the more pleasant side effects of the pandemic has been more and more special days to celebrate and commemorate coming to our attention. I’ve never heard of these days before and it’s nice to know we have days marking things like happiness, mental health, chocolate and even the humble coconut.

The coconut has easily been one of the most misjudged of fruits. From a phase where almost every South Indian with heart and/or cholesterol issues were strictly told to lay off the coconut in their diet to becoming the superfood of the West and back in the good books of the East, the coconut has patiently stood by proud and tall while we squabble over whether it is good for you or not.

Beyond its health benefits and its delicious ability to become a drink, a dessert, a preserve, a snack, a savory dish… we can learn a lot from the humble coconut.

Its hard exterior shows us how to grow a thick skin and be undeterred by all the negativity around us.

Its soft interior shows us how to hold on to our innocence, our childlike curiosity, and every beautiful and positive value that makes us what we are.

Its ability to refresh and quench a thirst shows us how to be fluid, cool and supportive in times of crisis.

Its versatility tells us how to adapt to any circumstance and reach a positive outcome.

Its magical quality of every part of the fruit and tree turning into something useful for mankind whether it is food, drink, ropes, mattresses, vessels from the shell and many other things shows us the way to ensure every ability of our own is put to use for improving our own quality of life and of those around us.

Of all the different “days” I’ve heard of in this past year and a half, this one truly deserves to be celebrated for the many contributions of the humble coconut to our health and general life.

So the next time I come across a coconut tree, I for one will definitely remember to fold my hands in gratitude for not only everything the coconut gives us but also for the life lessons it imparts. Super-fruit indeed!!


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  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Beautiful life lessons can be learnt from nature and all the things it offers us without any expectations.Lovely comparisons draw from a humble fruit.Well written Moni…👌👌👍👍😊😊🌹

    1. Thank you Lakshmi 🤗

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