Straight From My Art – Workshop 9 – Fish In Madhubani Style

A couple of months back, we found a beautiful fish Madhubani artwork on Pinterest. We absolutely loved the design and enthusiastically attempt it.

For the first couple of weeks, we finished the outline of the design with pencil and then outlined our work with black microtip pen.

We then worked on it separately in our spare time to colour the design according to our personal preferences. Here are the results!

My cousin Goma created this somewhat warm coloured version of the Fish Madhubani:

My eldest sister Bala went in a brighter direction and came up with the below. She even managed to fit the beautiful lotus border on top where both me and Goma ran out of space.

My second sister Lakshmi also managed to add the lotus border. Coour wise she went with a rich maroon that popped on the page against the choice of lighter colours for the rest of the artwork:

I suppose I went a little multicolour mode on this one! Here’s my version:

We took a completely different approach in our next workshop to commemorate the festival of Onam and drew a beautiful floral mandala. More on that soon!

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