Straight from my Art – Workshop 14 – The Hummingbird

While browsing through Pinterest, I found this beautiful hummingbird zentangle that I instantly wanted to attempt. I even sketched it out months ago but real life intervened and this stayed on the back burner for a while.

Meanwhile my sisters managed to attempt it and had already posted their designs in our group. It’s only because of my delay that this is such a late post compared to when they finished working on it.

This was my initial sketch of the zentangle that I finished quite a few months back:

My sister Lakshmi did this colourful and vibrant version:

My cousin sister Goma did a contrast version with the hummingbird in monochrome but added a pop of colour with the flowers and leaves:

I wanted to make it as colourful as possible and looked to the bird of paradise flower for inspiration. I tried to use all those colours and came up with this:

Really enjoyed seeing the colours unfold as I progressed through this one. Used colour pencils to first colour in each area and then microtip pens to draw the zentangle patterns. Loved the combination of these two and how together they just transform the artwork.

Until next time!


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  1. Candida Goveas says:

    beautiful artwork girls well done

    1. Thank you Candy!

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