Straight From My Art – Pelmet Decor

We shifted to a new home earlier this year. As is our modus operandi with any house shifting we’ve done over the years, we measured out all the different areas of the house, planned how the furniture layout would work out etc. The window layout between the two houses was completely different hence we needed to sort out new curtains for the living room and two bedrooms. After going through some samples, we settled on a plain purple shaded fabric for the bedrooms and a blue fabric with black roses for the living room.

My husband did not want to go the usual route with the pelmets (typically they’re either plain wooden ones or covered with similar/contrast fabric to the curtain). He asked me instead how I could put my creativity to work and think of a uniquely designed pelmet for each room.

We got thin sheets of ply painted in a background colour, blue for the living room and purple for the bedrooms. The using my acrylic paint pens, I outlined the design first with a black pen.

For the rose patterned curtain, since the curtain already was printed, I decided to go with just leaves. For the two bedrooms since the curtain was plain, I went with henna-inspired patterns that were colourful.

Here’s the final outcome:

I absolutely loved the final outcome, it brightens up the room and adds some unique artwork to our curtains.

Until next time!

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