Coping Mechanisms

Illustrated By: Dr Anisha Kumar (Visit

I was standing with a group of friends outside the mall, when I happened to overhear a conversation between two women. Since I didn’t know them personally, I’m going to call them Iris and Jane for the purpose of this narration:

Iris: You know, with everything that’s going on in the world, it’s so important for people to develop a coping mechanism. Something that gets you through the rough and bumpy times and gives you strength to face everything with a calm, confident state of mind.

Jane: Yes, the world is turning out to be a  very ruthless and cruel place. Things change so quickly that some people may be just left behind in the rat race! It’s so important to have something that helps you mentally slow down and take it all in, without panicking or taking the wrong decision.

Iris: So what do you do, when things just get too much to handle?

Jane: Okay… don’t laugh… but I talk to God. Like I just stand in my apartment balcony and have random conversations with Him. If the sky looks beautiful when I’m watching a sunrise or a sunset, I compliment Him on a job well done. If I’m upset about something, I just talk to Him and I feel much better.

Iris (sighing): That’s such a comforting thought babe. Love the idea!

Jane: Yeah it is very comforting. Something else that really comforts me is my staunch belief in the concept of everyone having a guardian angel who watches over you. You know, that ripple in the universe which saves you from an accident by inches? Or that invisible hand that saves you from tripping and hurting yourself. I believe each of us has a guardian angel standing right beside us who gently intervenes at times like this and sets us right.

Iris: Very true, I believe in this too. I wish people realised the importance of having a coping mechanism. It would be a world without panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, pent up emotions or worse, suicides if all had someone to talk to, a way for us to figure things out. A healthy mechanism to vent or process whatever we are going through.

Jane: Healthy! That’s the keyword right?

Iris: Absolutely! I mean, you cannot be robbing or raping or murdering people for example, just to cope with your own frustrations or issues in life. Basically find something that doesn’t harm others in any way. Listen to music, take long walks, talk to God, be positive, go out with friends, go shopping!

Jane (laughing): Shopping! Now that could be harmful to the wallet!

Iris (joining in the laughter):Oh yeah that can be a tricky one.

Jane: Hey babe movie starts in a few minutes, shall we go?

Iris: Yeah yeah, lets get a move on.

And then I saw Jane and Iris put out the cigarettes that they were smoking… and walk into the mall.

Illustrated By: Dr Anisha Kumar (Visit

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