Murder in Broad Daylight – 1

Ahana and Anshuman looked at each other aghast… a murder had just taken place in their living room and they weren’t quite sure how to react. This pest of a personality had been torturing them for a couple of weeks now… in their face… whispering in their ear in the creepiest possible way… making it impossible for them to live a normal life.

There was no reasoning with this menace. At first they started with simply ignoring the irritation but it gnawed on them as the days went by until they could not bear to be in the same room.

They tried to recall how he even entered their house and their life. Someone had been murdered, and Ahana and Anshuman experienced his life of the last couple of weeks flashing before their eyes.

He had entered their life one fine day, unobtrusively just as Ahana came back from work. She tried to close the door on him but he marched on in, as if telling her not to bother and made himself right at home.

Thereafter he would pop up in the most unexpected of places. In the kitchen while Ahana cooked, in the living room while Anshuman watched a nail-biting cricket match. Sometimes… oh the humiliation! Sometimes even in the bathroom!

They both individually came to the same conclusion. There was only one way out. Kill him and be done with it. Had they discussed it with each other, they would have probably planned it better. What followed however was a comic bungling of two individuals who want to achieve the same goal but simply forgot to share the plan with each other!

Each one would try on a daily basis to kill him by any means possible. Aerosol cans became weapons to be “shot” on the spot. Blunt force, sharp force, brute force… they tried it all. But all they ever achieved was often hurting each other instead as they were on a collision course instead of a collusion course.

Ahana cottoned on to this fact faster and had a conversation with Anshuman one day from her workplace. They wouldn’t discuss any strategy at home. They would make one united attempt and if things still didn’t work out, well then the authorities were going to have to step in…

All the planning, preparation and execution had brought them to this moment. The moment where they both stood over a dead body. With only one question in their mind… whodunnit?

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Illustrated By: Dr Anisha Kumar (Visit


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