The Opportunity of a Lifetime – Part 3

Joey’s eyes were sore and red in the first few minutes. With a determination that surprised even himself, Joey willed his eyes and his entire being to stay strong despite the three-pronged assault of these horrible smelly and sharp things.

At times he felt like it was an out of body experience that he went through. His focus was so complete, his end goal so clear in his mind that his body performed a miracle and in exactly fifteen minutes he had yet again beaten the odds of the Hall of Tears.

He had a few seconds to catch his breath. Bad idea. As soon as he took a deep breath the attack on his senses made him gasp and his eyes began to water and smart. One more room Joey… keep it together buddy… it was just a few seconds but it became like a chant that resonated inside him. Linda walked in just as his last second was up. She had chosen this time to give up the gas mask so that she could closely examine the product of his labours. After what seemed to him like a lifetime, Linda looked up at him with her now trademark piercing glare. “You made it Joey. Ready for The Crack Room?”Joey whispered for what he hoped was the last time – “Ready!”

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