When It Rains

I’m driving in the rain
Huge raindrops interrupt the silence in the car
A strange yearning takes hold of me
For what, I don’t know

It’s getting hard to see through the windshield
Reminds of those times when the tears pour
Are the departed souls in heaven crying?
Why, I don’t know

Every sad moment in life flashes by
Melancholy washes over me like rain washes over the earth
It’s the wound and the balm all at once
How, I don’t know

It’s dark and gloomy around me
The rain forces everyone to slow down and take stock of life itself
An irate horn breaks the silence
Who, I don’t know

Moments past flash by like scenes from a movie
Emotions well up much like the heavy, incessant rain
A lone teardrop falls from one eye and then the other
For whom, I don’t know

Out of the blue, the rain stops just as abruptly as it began
The sun peeks through the clouds
The day is bright and beautiful again
How should I feel now, I don’t know

A few minutes in the rain have taught me a lot
Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin
I spent a few minutes in the rain and lived a lifetime
This is life in motion, now I know

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