They all woke up one fine morning

Most of them uncomfortable

Only the rare few feeling like it was any other day

Most of them woke up painfully bent to the left or the right

Out of Balance

The men and women wondered what had caused this

They rushed to the doctor for answers

Only to find the doctor perplexed

And painfully bent himself

Out of Balance

Desperate for answers they began to observe

The ones that still walked without a bent body

They saw a man fix lunch for the kids

They saw a woman working on home accounts

Both in Balance

They saw another folding the laundry

And another drying the clothes

A third person was applying for a promotion

A fourth homeschooling the kids

The Gender Didn’t Matter

It was time for self-reflection

It was time to fix the imbalance

It was time to work as a team

And through balance bring out the best in each other

Balance for Better

And as each one figured out the imbalance in their life

Slowly they straightened up and walked again without a bent

It wasn’t magical or mystical

It was a reality check

Everyone Needed to Balance

Genders need to be balanced

At the boardroom, in schools

In government and media

In sports and salaries

Balance for Better

But first

Gender needs to be balanced

Right here right now

At home

Correct that Balance Today

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