Straight from My Art – My First Mandala

Ever since I discovered them, mandala art fascinates me. The infinite possibilities of symmetric patterns flowing around a circular shape, be it monochromatic or colourful have brought me a lot of peace and a great sense of achievement.

Especially in COVID times with the near isolated lifestyle which begins to play tricks on your mind, it is very fortuitous that I stumbled upon mandalas when I did.

Whenever I feel the world closing in on me, or the whole situation begin to get to me, I seek the comfort and support of these circles and patterns to keep my thoughts and approach symmetrical too.

That’s not to say I work on mandalas only when I’m sad or despondent. In fact it has over time turned into quite the opposite trend. What started as a soothing balm to calm myself down has turned into a hobby that I look forward to. Rather than a reaction to feeling low, it has become a vaccine to not going to that dark place to start with.

Give it a try today! There are tons of inspiration out there. Start simple and watch the magic unfold on the paper. You will never look back!

My first Mandala


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  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Well written Moni.Any form of art gives you immense satisfaction.

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