Straight From My Art – My Attempts at Rock Paintings

In our travels over the years I have developed an annoying habit. Annoying for my husband, not me. Everywhere we went, I would collect small rocks at the beach or during long drives. It was my way of quite literally taking a piece of the country I was visiting back with me to cherish the moments spent relaxing and taking in the sights, culture and wonder every country has to offer.

His annoyance finally found relief when I discovered rock painting. Finally all those rocks I collected over the years would be put to good and creative use!

I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and was dazzled by all the amazing designs out there. Being a novice I chose a few basic designs for inspiration.

Here are the patterns I came up with.

First up I did a few ladybugs and bees as well as flowers to create a rock flower garden of sorts. These went really well with my houseplants.

The next set was an abstract design that beautifully glowed and matched my house shaped lava lamp.

I found yet another very vibrant set pattern that went really well with my small bamboo plant.

And last but definitely not the least I discovered kindness rocks. And kindness really rocks!

I placed them at my work from home desk and they serve as a daily reminder of the times we live in and that kindness is the one thing that should come easily to all of us.

I still have one set of rocks left and am contemplating either another set of kindness rocks for my office desk or a medley of mandala designs on rocks. Still haven’t made up my mind!

Until next time!


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  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    The rock’s really rock…Superb Moni👌👌🥳🥳👏

    1. Thank you Lumpi 🤗

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