Straight From My Art Workshop 15 – Cat in Stained Glass Style

Towards the end of last year, I came across this pin of a very cute cat coloured in stained glass style. I shared it with my sisters and some of us attempted this over last year. I was the last to finish almost a year after I had floated the idea. Yes, I finally picked up the pen!

I started with the pencil sketch:

I then outlined the entire drawing with 1mm microtip black pen. I chose a thicker microtip pen to mimic the stained glass effect.

Finally, I used acrylic paint pens to fill up the sketch:

Post painting the sketch I re-drew the outlines wherever it was smudged by my shaky colouring to restore the outlines as perfectly as I could. Loved the final result and the riot of colours on the paper!

My cousin Goma was the first one to finish this a few months back. She went with pencil colours and a different colour theme than I did:

My sister Lakshmi attempted this next and used paintbrush pens to colour this in. This is her version:

We all enjoyed trying a different style of drawing, especially getting the cat’s expression right. The next one was an extremely intricate Ganpati in Madhubani style. An idea I floated around the Ganpati festival last year and finally managed to get done only close to this year.

I took the longest to finish that one, but more on that soon! Until next time, hope our attempts at getting inspired and letting our creativity run free inspire some of you to try something you love too!

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