Bhoomija – Part 10 – The Family is Complete

This part concludes the Bhoomija story! Stay tuned for the epilogue next week written by Bhoomija herself.

Author’s Note: Every one of my women with spunk stories are true stories, narrated to me by the women who went through these challenges in life, and overcame them with sheer grit and determination. Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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Ram and Bhoomija always wanted three children. Both Bhoomija and Ram were still young and in their early thirties, as they married when they were very young. All their tests were normal, but somehow their attempts at growing the family were not fruitful.

By the time Luv turned ten, they had pretty much given up on this dream and began to consider adopting another child. However the country they lived in had very stringent rules and there were several roadblocks towards successful adoption, some of which they could not overcome. They looked at several other options like surrogacy and fostering children, but nothing quite worked out as they would have liked.

Bhoomija and Ram were dejected but after all possible options were exhausted, they decided to accept things as they were and shower all their love and affection on Luv. 

Around this time, Bhoomija’s brother and his wife welcomed a baby into their family. Craving the company of a newborn, both Ram and Bhoomija decided to spend an entire month with them. They happily took care of the baby and savoured every moment of the experience.

Ram was very aware he had completely missed out on Luv’s formative years and even did not get to really enjoy time with Bhoomija while she was expecting Luv. It was one of the reasons he too was eager to have another child and show Bhoomija how much she and the children meant to him.

All too soon the month came to an end. When they went back home, Bhoomija wasn’t doing so well health wise. She seemed to have caught a stomach bug that she simply couldn’t shake off. After weeks of nausea and throwing up, Ram cautiously suggested she take a pregnancy test. Bhoomija’s initial reaction was to laugh it off. But the symptoms persisted and Bhoomija finally tested herself.

The first test came out positive. Confused and overjoyed all at once, Bhoomija tested a few more times. Every single time, the test turned out positive.

Bhoomija was in tears as she came to the realisation that she was experiencing a miracle. After so many attempts of trying for a second child, she had closed the door on her dreams and moved on to setting up a business of her own, pursuing her passion and focus on things which didn’t involve a baby so that both she and Ram could move on. She was in no way mentally prepared for this news, and unsure how to react.

She needn’t have worried. What followed was a year of absolute joy and bliss. Both Ram and Luv treated Bhoomija like a queen. Since she had to be on bed rest for her first pregnancy which was a decade ago, Ram was even more cautious this time around. He worked from home so that he did not miss a single moment of his second child’s journey into the world.

Their child was born a few months later, the miracle that unexpectedly fell into their lap and brought a fresh breath of air into their lives.

Ram and Bhoomija’s family finally felt complete.


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