Straight From My Art – Workshop 8 – The Goddess Durga

Our workshops are part of a weekly family call that involves speaking to my mom and praying with her. This is usually followed by general chitchat on any topic that catches our fancy while I interject from time to time to give a drawing instruction. Oh, and we also land up singing a few songs, the theme usually chosen by my eldest sister.

During the course of these chats, we caught up with my sister Lakshmi who signed up for art classes to further hone her skills. She’s been learning to draw an eye in detail, and other charcoal sketches that have been absolutely breathtaking! The rest of us immediately lamented the lack of skills in drawing faces and expressions. I’ve tried a few in the past like my earlier attempt at the Goddess and also the Bride Mandala, but I am nowhere near perfect yet. We mulled on this and the conversation moved on to other things.

The thought lingered with me though and I looked to Pinterest for a simple face-based artwork that we could try to gain some confidence.

I found this beautiful and yet fierce and determined version of Goddess Durga on Pinterest. As a symmetric and stylized as opposed to drawing a realistic human face, and a good start into face drawing basics!

We began by dividing the page into four sections and using that grid to symmetrically draw the eyes, nose and lips. My first attempt was very skewed and I started over. Lakshmi and Bala nailed it right away though!

Here’s the basic face:

We then sketched in the jewellery, here too each of us used our respective imaginations, here’s mine:

Here are the final results!

Lakshmi’s version of the Goddess looked more serious with than expression that says “Don’t mess with me!”

Here’s Bala’s version, a fierce Goddess with a slight smile that speaks of confidence, poise and respect.

Here’s my version. When I see Her, I see a calm behind a storm. Strong, calm and capable of unleashing wrath.

All three of us went in different directions and approached the jewellery details differently. What I loved about this even more is if you combine these and many other expressions that we all came up with, it speaks of the complex personality and the various characteristics that go into making the quintessential woman.

Until next time!


4 comments on “Straight From My Art – Workshop 8 – The Goddess Durga”
  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Well written Moni..👌👌👍👍😊

    1. Thank you Lakshmi 🤗

  2. Pushpa says:

    Very nice drawings all of you
    Brought out the artist in all
    Very nicely described by Mona

    1. Thanks Pushpa!

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